We advise that you pre-heat oven to 190ºc/375ºf or gas mark 5 (180ºc for fan assisted ovens).

Calculate your cooking time allowing 55 minutes per kg (e.g. a 2kg joint would take approximately 1 hours and 50 minutes).

Take your Stuffed Duck out of it's packaging and place in a large roasting tin and season with salt & pepper, then loosely cover with silver foil.

Whilst your bird is cooking, baste it occasionally with the pan juices. 20 minutes before the end of it's total cooking time, remove the silver foil and continue to cook until the skin becomes crispy, before removing from the oven ensure that the centre of the bird is piping hot and that the juices run clear (minimum core temperature of 72ºc). 

Allow the joint to rest for 15 minutes before carving.