It's always tricky to advise on what sized ham someone should buy, as people have such different needs and expectations.

We would generally suggest that 125g to 150g (about 5-6oz) is an average serving. Using this as a guideline, we come up with the following advice:

  • A large whole ham (around 6kg bone-in, or 5kg boneless) should be enough for 35 peopleĀ 
  • A small whole ham (around 5kg bone-in, or 4kg boneless) should be enough for 30 people
  • A half ham should be enough for 15 people
  • A midi ham should be enough for 10 people
  • A baby ham should be enough for 3 people

Please bear in mind however, that the person doing the carving will affect your catering quantities! If they cut the ham into generous thick slices you may end up giving your guests more than you intended, and you won't want to be left short!

Other things to bear in mind: When guests are left to help themselves, make allowances for the greedy one whose eyes are biggger than his tummy... he can ruin your calculations! When served hot, ham tends to be sliced a bit thicker and may not go as far.

We always advocate that the sensible approach is to treat ham as it's intended: not only is it a fantastic centrepiece for any meal, it's also the ultimate standby in the fridge. Embrace the variety of meals that leftover ham can generate and order comfortably more than you think you'll need for a particula meal! That way you'll never be the host or hostess left scratching their hear about what to feed the unexpected guest, and you can enjoy delicious meals right up until the last scraps of ham and the bone go into the soup pot for their final outing!

For lots of ideas about leftovers, take a look at Sarah's Kitchen on our website.